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Gosh, I haven’t managed to watch the T-birds game yet but I don’t like what I’m hearing… Obst has always been that coach who would persist with players even though they weren’t playing well. I remember last year T-birds had a game against Giants and Nankivell was having a really bad game- lots of offensive contacts and just wasn’t her best. And yet, Obst didn’t sub her off. Dwan really hasn’t impressed this year and I really don’t think she’s the answer at GA. Dwan’s placement of the ball into Potgieter can’t be the same type as the type she used to throw at Aiken’s. Sure, both can definitely pluck the ball from the air but Aiken just has that extra range with Potgieter unfortunately, doesn’t have. I don’t think they have the connections needed to win matches and Horjus really is the better GA option. I would love to see a Horjus and Williams combo at some point in time.