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To clarify, I’m comparing Dan Ryan now after his growth through VNSL and now at Fever, not Dan Ryan back in the day at Tbirds which was definitely a disaster. However that has been openly discussed and seems more of a reflection on Netball SA than Dans coaching abilities as an absolute rookie (ie. I don’t believe he had much say/anything to do with recruitment).

Obst has had a few years in this league now and largely the same playing group so whilst I agree there’s been better retention… the results aren’t speaking for themselves.
We have zero composure when it’s needed and even if you put the scoreboard aside our games are extremely scrappy and really difficult to watch, they lack intensity and we heavily rely on one player (Sterling) to keep us in games. Throw in some of the most questionable rotations to date and ridiculous time-out huddles last night and I’m really struggling to stay optimistic that Obst is the right person for the job.