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    I think the jury is still out on both Ryan and Obst’s in-game coaching.

    Some of Ryan’s decisions (such as leaving Glasgow off for as long as he did. After the change to Cosh didn’t work he tried ATN before finally going back to Glasgow. Sure Glasgow’s output was less than recent weeks but she was against an in form Weston) were costly against Vixens. Fowler was the only player to stay in the same position for 60 minutes. McKinnis in contrast made far less changes but very pointed ones that had impact.

    A lot of Obst’s decisions last night did not make sense. Wilson is off then on then off then on. She was outstanding and Adelaide needed to win ball. With the ex workin of Petty, Sterling and Potgeiter all players either changed positions or played musical chairs with the bench.

    At this point any team could make finals. Collingwood were 0-3 but after one win are up to 6th. If they can produce a large win over Giants and other results go their way (Fever and F’Birds scoring large home wins over Swifts and Adelaide) they could be 4th after the next round!

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