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I’m floored about Rav’s omission, just don’t know what else she has to do…I guess the 7 turnovers against T’birds last week was a nail, and the unfortunate coach killer turnover late in 2018 Comm Games final is still biting…i actually think subbing Gietzy at half time was our biggest mistake in that final…just ridiculous coaching for mine…at least get your gun to play the last 2 quarters to close out the win…anyhow, back to Ravvy, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Liz Watson was consulted on her choice. And that is a captain’s prerogative…BUT I can tell you clear as night follows day, Maloney and Price (even Hadley) cannot feed Grets and Nelle like Rav. Period. Full stop. Shut the flammin gate. I thought selections were also based on club connections not this desperate need for dual positions…did COVID throw out specialisation?? My guess is Stace has already locked in her starting 7, which has Bruce (GK), Weston (GD), Brazill (WD), Hadley (C), Watson (WA), Wood (GA) and Grets (GS) with Maloney or Price, Klau, Sunday, Austin and probably Koenen the likely bench…good chance for Wallam to secure a Comm Games bench spot methinks…Parmenter will also go very close…in the end it would appear Rav is not in Stace’s thinking for some reason…perhaps she’s concerned Rav would run the show as she does at C and she has other plans…who knows???
Wonderful that Nelle is in that squad after 5 SSN games, what a freaking champ, all I can say there is WATCH OUT WORLD!! Loving that selection so so much 😇. If Koenen or Garbin are ahead of Nelle right now then I’m not here either and you could argue that Ruby B-D is more in form than Turner but she has her Klau connection and was well deserved MVP in 2021 SSN final. Will be interesting if Ruby and Rav can break into that extended squad by June/July. Best heads up, etc, etc Rav can give selectors is an SSN 2022 premiership 😇