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@Nate , I wasn’t specifically pointing at you in relation to questioning Metuarau over Mes. I’ve read similar comments elsewhere and I’m just trying to figure out the reasoning but cheers for the reply, a debate is always fun.

It’s interesting because the things that you list as a negative, I see as a positive. She does jump back into the defender which is perfectly legal and at the same time positions herself closer to the net and there is less chance of her rolling her ankles the way she performs it. The short pass? Well in my opinion Metuarau is the most creative GA in the ANZ. She finds ways to get the ball to her GS and she is often thinking one play ahead of where the ball actually is. Again, it’s perfectly legal and I’ve only seen her get called for a short pass once this season which was on Sunday, in fact that’s the only short pass call that I’ve seen so far over the whole competition. I see no problem playing to the rules.

Volume wise it’s hard to compare because only TP and Metuarau have played any real minutes at GA for extended periods of time. The Stars, Mystics, Steel and Magic have all had players who share the GA role. I really can’t say if she is putting up enough shots or not.

I wouldn’t actually take Metuarau over Mes at this point in time. I prefer to wait until the end of the season to make that judgement. To try and compare the two where one has played 7 games and the other just over 3 isn’t useful.

Heck, for all we know neither might make the team and Heffernan makes the team, one never knows with Nolene.

In my head the only certainties are Nweke and Burger. I would then pencil in Jury, Fitzpatrick and Ekenasio. All the rest really seem to be there for the taking.