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Really hope this is a minor injury. The article is very scant on detail. Please don’t be major.

Rahni injured her knee playing VNL Wednesday night. About 5 minutes into the match came out for a CP and slipped and twisted her left knee. She called for the court to be wiped and then walked around very gingerly. Left the court straight away (unaided).

I had hoped to see Samason at GA and Austin at WA this week. Austin hasn’t played C since underage so Watson and Moloney will cover that.

Not sure which way Vixens should start now. Lambden in to WD as a direct swap for Eddy? Or Weston to WD and Lewis / Mannix in the circle given Browne is key to their attack and Garbin isn’t the quickest so wouldn’t burn Mannix for speed and would allow Lewis to use her elevation against Nelson.

Hope Moloney has recovered well cause it looks like a full game for her now.

Vixens are ripe for an upset this week.