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In terms of the Tbirds/Fever game I haven’t had a chance to read any other comments in this thread but my observation is this was actually a much cleaner game for the Tbirds (for their standard), the inability to score from turnovers is obviously still a massive problem, but (and I don’t like doing this) I’m going to put a big part of the ownership on the umpires today. Some pretty bad calls or missed calls at some crucial moments which killed momentum swings.

Obst coaching calls continue to haunt us as well. Potgeiter owned Courtney Bruce today and instead of letting any sort of momentum build in the attack end Obst can’t help but try and throw the Dwan/Horjus combo together during super shot period to bring the margin in quickly. It’s clearly not paying off. If Potgeiter stays on to keep the 1s ticking over and Horjus takes the 2’s when possible we’d have had a much greater chance of winning that game.

I had such high hopes for Dwan but unfortunately it just hasn’t worked. I also think when that change up is made it entirely changes how our midcourt approach the game, they become even more erratic and determined to move the ball at speed and don’t have the trust to wait for the option to open up. So many times a goalie was free on the 3rd second but the middies had turned to reset. It just results in more turnover. Dwan is too early on her leads and comes out of the circle far too much and it just gets messy and overcrowded.

Most of the time the hard part about watching the Tbirds games is that we really are our own worst enemies. So much potential in that line up but we really seem to loose the games ourselves instead of forcing the opposition to step up and win it from us.