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Credit has to go to Di Honey for the midcourt change. Not persisting with what wasn’t working and having the courage to make a change and back it in.

Hopefully it gives McKinnis confidence to use that midcourt. It won’t work every game but it was brilliant last night and it will work against a lot of teams.

Thanks for those stats Waylay. I knew Moloney shut Dunkley down but those stats are massive. I agree with comments that it will help Moloney’s Diamonds chances. We all know she is a great WD but wonderful she got the chance to show it. Expect they’ll use this midcourt against Magpies next time and Lightning as they have speedy WAs who Moloney matches up better against. Also allows them to use Eddy in GD which would work well against TBirds (Horjus or Dwan) or Sinclair or even Wood so Weston can go back against Koenen.