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Tayla Williams needs to start at C for TBirds with Nankivell at WA. Williams is outstanding. McDonald does appear to be quite the favourite though.

Potgeiter was great last night and the feeders let the ball go to her.

Long term I think the TBirds future is Nankivell WD Williams C Horjus WA Dwan GA and Austin GS. But it will take a couple of years to transition to that. I think they have enough versatility and midcourt coverage to allow them to sign all of Dwan, Horjus, Austin and Potgeiter next year. Dwan can cover WA as well if needed. Petty and Wilson can cover WD (Williams can play there but needs to be left in C). Hopefully for their sake they can retain Orr as a TP who they can promote to the 10 if required.