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    Good intense match up BUT umpires let it get way out of hand, especially from the steel players, like all of them taking the body line or late hits, wasn’t a good look at all. It did look like a rugby match, glad Pulse were able to pull through it and get the win.

    Umpires shouldve called time, brought both captains over and tell them to settle the teams down or people will be sent off( weve seen that happen in previous seasons) Every other week we see umpires handing out cautions and warnings for a lot less then they went quiet till Fischer got her warning ( which is called for, any dissent towards an umpire isn’t on).

    Sad for Lokotui to go down.

    Yep Fischer tripped over, I don’t see that match up happening at CWG, England have Harten, Cardwell and even Housby thatll do better at GS than Fischer. She should get called for held balls a heck of a lot more.

    I’d also like to see Steel have a home grown GS next year for once.

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