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    I love me some Winsers and I call it Nuggetiness, not a fan of the cautions for dissent by anyone. I think she gets cautioned every fame cause shes being that nuisance wd or c that is trying to disrupt the opposing attacking end so that can be deliberate obstructions or contacts I guess.

    Much better shooting from all games so far. Why is it so hard to put Edgecombe back to Wd and shuffle the others up one position?

    Coach does need to go, most other sports wouldve replaced her already with the run of results and her questionable substitutions.

    Will be interesting how Mystics will play without Nweke. So laughable the commentary saying, oh looks like a rolled ankle she’ll be right in a few days.

    Usually landing on someone’s foot and going down that sharply is like a high ankle sprain or some ligament trauma or damage at least 6 weeks recovery. Highly unlikely to play again this season. But hoping I’m wrong then.

    Still love Poi shifting to WA, reminds me of Temepara when she went from C to WA

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