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@Nate I was thinking the same thing when they said something along the lines of strapping it up and she will be alright for Monday. Obviously neither have had a bad ankle sprain. The fact she was helped off the court doesn’t look good. Yes, she might have been shocked and it might not be as bad as it looked but I have had that injury and six weeks wouldn’t surprise me at all.

You then have to worry about the mental aspect. Nweke’s whole game is predicated on out jumping the defenders and when you don’t have a good ankle that is a very hard ask.

This will make the competition very interesting over the next couple of weeks if she is out for some period of time. I think teams will be very happy to be playing the Mystics. We will get to see how good they actually are without having the ability to release pressure by lobbing it in to Nweke. Their defence is still top notch but I don’t think the team is as good as it’s position on the table suggests.