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Thought that was wrong Magic being allowed to play de Bruin after she played for the Stars the night before. What is this? A league of hired guns? If Tong wasn’t available for a full game then the Magic should have been made to bring up a development player. Why not a team just get in Folau if they want to win a game? Same difference.

Interesting the result with Nweke not playing. I’ve found myself getting bored watching the Mystics games. It’s all just lob it in near the goal post and Nweke will do the rest. Also a lot of the shooters like Wilson will only shoot when virtually underneath the post. The Mystics didn’t have the answer without Nweke. I believe the Pulse might actually have a good chance if Nweke is still out come knockout time. However I think Nweke’s ankle will have recovered by then.

The game is very one dimensional in NZ. I think there’s a case to bring in a longer shot like the they do in the SSN. It negates the effect of a tall GS who is just going to post up and then win the one on one leaping/rebounding contest every time. Spreads out the circle more too. If they want more viewership then they need to bring in that long shot. Perhaps even a shot from outside the circle…