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Good win by the steel. Glad Fisher kept her composure despite a lot of aggravation from Mikaere and inconsistent umpiring. That elbow swing to the head of Fisher from Mikaere would have been almost an ejection from the game in the NBA. But that woman umpire called it against Fisher! Go figure!! I thought Fisher played well. agree Nesian, I’m sure she’ll end up at Ssn at some stage. Btw is it ok for Mikaere to obstruct the ball being returned to centre after a goal is scored, without ever getting warned about that?

You’d also have wonder if the in season shooting stats are going to have any bearing on Taurus’s selections or is she basing decisions more on the trials and her fitness criteria. Shooting in the 60s-70s isn’t really going to be good enough against the diamonds. I don’t think rebounds off missed shots are going to come as easily against the likes of Bruce and Westin either.

I don’t like Fuller’s commentary. Too much talking. Also how impartial can a commentator be being a Silver Ferns selector as well? In the end I turned off the sound and found that quite good 🤪.