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Performances like that will help Moloney’s Diamonds chances. Great at WD then went to C and outplayed Proud. Well deserved MVP.

Eddy came on wonderfully. Probably her best game of the year and shows she didn’t like dropping out of starting 7. Vixens really should try Eddy in GD. Weston was not great tonight and Vixens need an option when she isn’t on.

Swifts had no answer to Watson in WA. Moving Watson to WA brought MJ in to the game. Austin started to take strong drives and pull Turner off MJ leaving her in a one on one with Klau which she won.

Vixens need to learn how to defend the super shots. They are atrocious at it.

Really not sure why Swifts took either Singleton or Fraser off. Singleton was probably playing her best game. Fraser whilst not winning ball was tight on Watson whereas Smith gave her more space.