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@Maryann was thinking the same, thats a lot of distraction in a very hard week.

Not a fan of Helene, just something rubs wrong with me about her, shes kinda smug during games when theyre winning aka Nweke is scoring for them, and the complaint against Mels and amagic was so petty. I sure hope Rob doesnt get head coach, that guy has been known to lend to a toxic coaching role and influence here in aus (yes inside knowledge).

Still dont see Nweke returning before say the final, still in a moon boot, yes not on crutches but with return to game physio and time if they push her back too soon itll lead to possible further damage. Not sure if SF have a say in her recovery timeframe being a major event year or not, if they did youd think they be saying no to playing again this domestic season?