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I don’t think Helene is a good coach at all. Before Nweke came along she was struggling and people were calling for her to resign as coach after multiple failures with the Mystics. I’m sure there were a lot of people on this forum (the old one) calling for her head at the time.

Today she seemed to revert to her old ways of throwing the bibs in the air and hoping it would work. Putting Karaka in the GS was a joke. Namana would have been a far better option and she did eventually make that decision.

I wish the commentators would ask the Wilson the silly questions instead of Sulu. Sulu is a class act but I’m sure her patience is wearing thin after the last few games.

It was good to see Nweke on the court with a moon boot but I’d be very surprised to see her play next week against the Pulse. The ankle might be up to it but mentally I don’t think she will be jumping freely and that’s her main weapon.