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@Minkie no I’m a huge Bailey Mes fan, have been since she was starting GS for the SF under Wais coaching and was super dominant. So maybe I’m a bit harder on her cause I love her style and play and the potential to be flat out unstoppable. I’ve been very positive about her especially at the start of the season but have grown a bit disappointed as the season has gone on. I’ve found her general gameplay go downhill when it should be getting even better than the start of the season as the team gels more. Yes she shot well but I personally feel she’s trying to do too much and love her at GS more than GA, she’s so athletic and dominant when she plays there. Geitz was right when she said that Mes was the hardest GS she’s ever played against.

now I’m meaning when Hume came back on, Malesala was playing well and shooting okay so not sure why Hume was brought back on in the 4th quarter and shot 1/6, and also if she’s injured then rest her for finals.

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