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Edgecombe was a contracted player before Willbore came in, and I’m glade she’s getting another run – she’s tried her heart out all season – and like last year I thought was quite hard done by when she was playing so well at WD and then when Fowler came back (I believe she was part of the squad coming back from injury) she spent the rest of the season on the bench.

My only thoughts about LBD is that Maihi still isn’t match fit coming back from recent covid, and Tong has been playing limited minutes ssince she came back from injury (and sickness??) they could split the role but if something happens you’re going to struggle – and Ridling is no where near up to this playing level – not making excuses I think MJ shouldn’t be coach, just trying to work out why she would be doing it.

would there be as big’ve an uproar about her playing if she hadn’t also played for Stars? (she did fill in for Magic first)