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    I don’t think the TBirds need to recruit an import to GS. Lucy Austin should be promoted next year. She is a standout and will only get better the more exposure she has at SSN level. They can build their attack around Austin for the next 10 years.

    TBirds do need to drop a midcourter to make room for her. My preference would be McDonald. McDonald was born in the UK so can play in VNSL as a non-import, I have always suspected she may end up there at some point.

    As for Nankivell. Firstly I am a big fan but she has plateaued over the last 18 months. Williams is the C the TBirds need to build their team around. Petty has surprised me with her form Thai year and deserves the WD bib. That leaves back up spot in all 3 midcourt positions for Nankivell. As for her leaving where would she go? 70-75% of the players across the league are in two year contracts which will provide minimal opportunities for changes. The obvious option for me would be Collingwood in place of Lind who is on a one year contract. But realistically they will promote Nyah Allen (Lind is a WA back up, that’s all, Sinclair can be the backup WA whilst also offering GA coverage). Nankivell moving to Collingwood would provide a new environment but again she’d be a backup, same as TBirds. Maybe Scherian will retire in a year or two but by then Miller should have established herself at Lightning. The depth in the midcourt in Australia is immense which makes moving clubs a tough one for Nankivell.

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