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Would be interested to hear who would be in peoples’ Roses 12. FWIW this would be my team (though not the team that I think JT will go with)

GS Harten
GA Housby
WA Metcalf
C Clarke
WD Cobden
GD Guscoth
GK Mentor

S: Cardwell
S: Pitman
S: Malcolm
S: Fadoju
S: Francis-Bayman

TP: Drakeford-Lewis
TP: Allison
TP: Williams

Positional coverage:
GS Harten / Cardwell / Housby
GA Housby / Harten / Cardwell / Metcalf
WA Metcalf / Pitman / Malcolm
C Clarke / Malcolm / Cobden / Pitman
WD Cobden / Malcolm / Clarke / F-B / Fadoju / Guscoth
GD Guscoth / Fadoju / F-B / Malcolm
GK Mentor / F-B / Fadoju

Notable omissions
Fisher: The future of the England attacking end and her time will come – felt the attacking end is more versatile with SDL as TP in the event of illness or injury
Usuro-Brown: Eboni isn’t proven at GD in recent years and I don’t think there is room in the squad for two specialist GK
Panagarry: Unlucky to miss out – a credible C option going forward now that Serena has stepped down, but Allison *just* got the TP role in my squad due to flare and connections

Notable inclusions
Pitman: Though not in the full time programme, Pitman has proven she is in form when the SSN opportunities have arisen and the squad needs a strong 2nd credible WA option to take the load and pressure off Metcalf (neither Malcolm nor SDL offer that in my opinion) Metcalf has been playing well across GA this season for Thunder and is a credible 4th shooting option, which makes room for Pitman.
Cobden: State of the injury which left her out of the VNSL grand final unknown – hope she’s fully fit in time
Francis Bayman: A utility defender that offers grit and versatility in the defence end. She has been tested at international level at GK and I think she would provide solid cover there in pool matches