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    Agree with others comments around some lucky to be named as triallists. For a Constellation Cup or Quad Series I’d probably say yes to Johnson because she grows a few inches taller in a black dress. But unfortunately I don’t think her body can hack the tournament format where she will need to turn up day in, day out.

    For the defence, the easy thing to do would be Taurua name the Pulse and Mystics combinations.

    Midcourt wise I’m pretty confused. Crampton will definitely be there. Gordon should be there. MRB too? Is there room for Saunders? Maybe Heffernan instead? I think I’ll refuse to watch us play England or any of the knockout games with either Kersten or Winders in the team.

    Shooters I wonder if Noels might spring a surprise or two. Dunn, Nweke and Wilson don’t go into two spots. If she doesn’t pick Ekenasio then surely it’s Mes and Metuarau as the two GAs? I don’t want TPSR anywhere near that goal circle.

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