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    @thunder123 it’s been a pattern for a number of years. Going back to when IVD came onto the scene (for Ferns).
    Donna Loffhagen use to shoulder the bulk of the shooting. When she moved out to GA, her attempts dropped significantly.
    Nat Medhurst was the same too. When she moved Fbirds, playing with Romelda, her attempts dropped. She went on to play with CBass, Fowler and Nelson – she mainly played a feeding role.
    Coxy was the same too, when she joined Fever and shot with CBass.

    They all had the same response “doesn’t matter who shoots them, as long as they’re scoring”.

    Maria Tutaia was one of the ones, who would tend to shot more than her GS. Sharelle McMahon retired before having a chance to partner someone like CBass. But I truly believe she would have gone to post.

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