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Someone mentioned Crampton, Saunders, Poi and Gordan. I love this combo. Poi connects so well with the Ferns attackers. She understands Maia and where she wants the ball. Gordan is just explosive and attacks so well. Crampton and Saunders are the experience needed.

Shooters Maia, Mes, Tiana and TP. If TP isn’t fit enough, Nweke. I don’t think Eke is going to make it in time. We have to continue with the moving circle. It’s doing the hard yards for one goal, but with a excellent attacking plan we have shown it can work.

Defenders Jury and Kristiana are hands down starters. The combination and communication is too strong after one season together. I’m not sure if Noels will like the one on one style they use. Because it rattled every GA in our comp. None of them were ready for that, except maybe Magic with their experienced shooters. Then add in Karaka and Temu. Karaka will is a great GK, just hasn’t had the chance recently to show that. Maybe once or twice this year. Her versatility will be valued and her random pickups she always manages to get. Her combo with Sulu has gone sour. So I’m not counting her performances with Sulu. Temu well she has been nothing but outstanding. No international experience at all, but has x factor just waiting to be exposed.