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my prediction for DNT’s pick (as opposed to the players I would want to take….)

lock – Wilson
likely – Mes and Eke, pending fitness/illness
probable – Dunn
possible – Metuarau
– with Eke potentially not yet fit to be starting 7, DNT will want to take experienced players, so there is no way Wilson will get dropped, despite her mid season shooting form, which also appear to have gotten better. DNT and Leigh Gibbs have always talked about choosing players that fit their game plan, which is a mobile shooting circle. They also talked about players that can change up their playing style. While Grace is the most dominant shooter, she can only really play a holding style, and she has the ankle injury. Wilson and Dunn can play the moving circle and hold strongly too. As for GA, Mes gets in for fitness, athleticism and mostly, experience. Eke will be the preferred GA, but if she is ill/unfit, then Metuarau will get in.

lock – Crampton and Saunders
likely – Gordon
probable – Kersten
possible – MRB, Winders (or Johnson here as WD)
– Crampton and Saunders are definitely in the team. That covers a starting WA in Crmapton, and Saunders for back up at C and WA. Since Burger is out, we need WD options and Gordon has been the most impressive, and is also super versatile, so I expect her to get the starting WD bib, providing cover a C/WA in pool play. So that leaves a starting C, which I would personally prefer MRB, but that unfortunately leaves you light on WD cover. Unlike Burger, our GD’s haven’t been tested at WD, other than Johnson, so I think DNT will choose a C/WD slide player. My feeling is Kersten has a better attacking play than Winders, and Heffernan hasn’t got the experience, hence my prediction.

lock – Jury
likely – Karaka, Fitzpatrick, pending fitness/illness etc
probable – Manua
possible – Johnson or Temu
– Jury is a lock for GK with Fitzpatrick as cover, GD is likely Karaka based on experience, but Manua has the combination. As above, DNT is light on good WD cover, so Johnson is the bolter, but depends on her fitness/injury status and her combinations with circle defenders at trials.

starting 7:
GS – Wilson
GA – Eke (or Mes if Eke not going)
WA – Crampton
C – Kersten
WD – Gordon
GD – Manua
GK – Jury