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    Interesting, I was communicating with someone today who told me there were about four people who didn’t pass the fitness test but there were also others that didn’t trial due to sickness and so weren’t eligible for selection. Of those four, shooters and a defender, all would have been justifiable selections for the team. But I was also told one of those that didn’t meet the fitness requirements will be named in the squad and it’s not the one we are all hoping for.

    I might be in the minority but I still don’t like those fitness tests I much prefer to judge them how they perform on court. Fowler isn’t passing any fitness tests for Jamaica, I doubt Wallam is for the Oz team either.

    Also, are we the only top five nation that has trials? I’m thinking Australia, England, South Africa and Jamaica all choose their squads based on their performances in franchise competitions?

    I was also told Mes had a good trial which is nice to hear.

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