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@Snowpea what have the fitness standards done for us since then. Failures against England at home and the Quad series? Tell me how running for a 20 meter sprint then resting for 5 meters repeatedly emulates what a GS or GK does on court? I can tell you ex-silver fern coaches who don’t agree with these standards. Also tell why no other nation seems to be adhering to these fitness standards as much as we are, Australia, Jamaica obviously they aren’t.

It’s easy to say the Stars suffered from fitness issues but the players and coaches themselves said they were just fine coming off the back of seven consecutive wins. The pressure just got to them in my opinion.

Old heads more than fitness won us the WC, you can’t replace experience in high pressure situations. If it were simply a case of fitness over skills then surely every country in the world would put fitness first but they don’t, it’s a combination.

Fitness yes, but I’d take skill set over fitness every time.

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