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So I reached out to some people last week to ask about the trials and really to see if Meels made the team as I had heard what her yo-yo score was about five weeks ago and she wasn’t really close at all at that stage. They told me who the shooters were and those were the ones that were named today.

So as reported Nweke hasn’t made the fitness standard and perhaps the medical clearance is just to give her more time to pass the fitness test, that would be the cynical side of me saying that. Two of the reserves haven’t passed the fitness test either and I think you can figure out who they are. The other player who didn’t pass the fitness test was on track and had hired a personal trainer to help with speed and endurance but unfortunately was one of the players who was sick and didn’t attend the full trial. That person will play no part in the Cadbury series and has instead taken up a basketball contract that was offered to her. One of the reserves didn’t trial at all.

Manu’a was the only Pulse member to attend the full trial. @Nate I believe Gordon only trialed on the last day.

Biggest surprise for me was seeing Kersten not named as Noels has her favourites but then I see she has balanced that out with Johnson who could barely get a run for the Stars :unsure:

I don’t think we will medal to be honest and I think the men will thrash us come Cadbury series time but it should be fun to watch anyway.

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