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    Surprised Dunn has been overlooked yet again. Pretty much the most consistent GS in New Zealand for the last three years. What a slap in the face. But glad she is pursuing basketball. If you are fit enough for a game of basketball you are certainly fit enough for GS in netball. Gordon and Manua have also been overlooked.

    The new nz womens basketball league has pay parity with the men and is being sponsored by skytv so will be excited to watch Aliyah in the up coming womens basketball league starting this Wednesday. I’m just glad she’s not wasting her time making up numbers in that Cadbury series. Will be interested to see how fit she is playing basketball. In fact that Cadbury series doesn’t interest me at all.

    Virtually the whole Pulse team overlooked. What gives there? They were the dominant team in the Anz. A lot of Taurus’s favourites have been selected. Even players who were starting on the bench for their ANZ teams ie Johnson. Also I have no faith in the shooters picked. Wilson and Mes very suspect when under pressure.

    End of! Not a happy camper. Can’t see the ferns medaling with that team, especially with the shooters they have picked. Taurua appears to have selected a number of players who are past their peak.

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