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@Wewood I had to do some investigating as I too was shocked there was no Maddy or Poi in the teams. I did find out at least one of them will be in the mixed team so perhaps both of them will end up there? Alongside a couple of Australians too.

Nolene talks a good game but I’m sure she would have had a similar plan against England in the home series and for the Quad cup too and that didn’t fare too well.

I’m reserving judgement for the Cadbury Series. If they can beat the men then my expectations for the Comm games will go up ten fold. I didn’t realise the Men’s coach was a local from way back in the day. I was told he coached one of the teams here to a few titles then moved away and coach rep teams to national titles all the while playing himself and he is currently the Singapore women’s head coach. So he seems to have credentials. All the teams sound like they could give the Ferns a good run for their money, I look forward to it.