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@mcleod I’m disappointed to see Poi, Earle or MSB not included. But I think the mixed team is not supposed to be just another team one tier down from the NZA – an NZB if you will… DNT has used her Lightning connections to lure those Aussie midcouters over to give the ferns a real test against a team that provides another playing style.

The men will be strong in the air, so ferns will want to employ a fast, short and sharp game they’ll want to put out against teams like Jamaica. The mixed team will be that combination of the tall shooters with the fast Aussie mid court which will test their zone defence game plan. And of course, the NZA will just be a good tough battle to test their mental resilience under pressure.

Those 3 are still young and will get their chance soon, just not this series. Fingers crossed they take some part in the Con Cup or Fast5 at least.