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If Gordon and Dunn had been playing for NZA it would have been closer. Don’t think Metuarau was the problem for NZA, they just turned the ball over too much in mid court.
Will be interesting to see how Mes, Nweke and Wilson go up against the likes of Sterling. Hard to tell how good Jury really is. She looks good in the nz league but defending Fowler, Harten and say Buetta is a different kettle of fish.
I thought Fitzpatrick, Karaka and Johnson looked a step slow and there was a lot of pushing and shoving by the defenders in the circle that didn’t get called, especially Fitzpatrick. I think it will come down to whether we get umpires who allow this play to go on without whistle. I remember one tournament we struck a Singaporean umpire who called all those rough contacts. Even at times Wilson can get called for repeated offensive contact. Anyway bring on the comm games😀.