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I’m similarly worried about our defence end. Jury formed a great partnership with Manua and Gordon. She just didn’t have as much impact today with the combinations we saw today. Heffernan and Johnson are great athletes but based on today’s game, they won’t be able to match the likes of Liz Watson, Paige Hadley or Haythornthwaite. GD is also a concern because Johnson isn’t fit enough yet, Karaka doesn’t look like her previous self ever since she got covid and Sulu is not quite fast enough to match someone like Housby or Wood.

Midcourt of Souness and Crampton was a delight to watch. The ex-Steel front line of TPSR, Crampton and Saunders, with Nweke instead of Fowler, didn’t quite gel, but may be that was more Nweke not being settled, rather than the other three. Would like to see it given one more go.

Nweke was so good once she got in to the groove in the third quarter. I think if she can muscle up to Bruce, Mentor and Sterling, it will help save our midcourters legs immensely. I think Maia did pretty well in GA and Mes also in the fourth quarter in GS. TPSR was good but just needs to watch those casual passes, that lead to a couple of turn overs.

For NZA: Ekenasio was on fire! I wish she was in the team! I guess it will be Mes and TPSR (and also Dunn?) battling it out for that 4th shooting spot next year. Pleasantly surprised by Toeava, but might have been also due to the ferns’ poor WD stocks. Temu, Manua and Burley had a rather forgettable game.