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@RMB yes eke is a travelling reserve.

Agreed about the SF v nza preseason hit out, also said Nweke wasn’t involved with that game which can see would make a huge difference.

Enjoyed the game, def thought it was going to be closer especially after 1st quarter.

Rotations a plenty which made it a bit disjointed. Thought the last quarter with sulu and karaka actually showed some mongrel which they haven’t shown at all during ANZP.
Keeping an open mind about the squad till they actually start playing the CWG and locking down which combos work and don’t.

Shooting end has a very good feel of variety to it. Glad they all had different runs, % was a little off however but could be put down to first game nerves? Maybe seeing some TPSR at GS and Mes running GA?

Souness at C was a good watch and Heffernan at WD was better, I find with NZ zone you don’t always have to be the speediest D because they don’t play ‘chase the attacker’ style defence.