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Souness is really showing great form. Has she played WA at all? Wouldn’t mind seeing her with Saunders at C. Also Georgia Heffernan played pretty well today in WD. Just needs to let the ball go quicker when she plays C.

Defensively, it’s always hard to judge when they play against the men. Not a lot of turnover ball given the height mismatch, but I just hope it was a good workout for them. Sulu played better in GD today. Still would like to see Johnson in GD for a quarter.

Shooting wasn’t great today but more combinations were able to be tried. i think TPSR is better in GS than GA – less chance of her turning over the ball haha. Maia was great in GA. Mes had a quiet game this time.

I think the game tomorrow against the mixed team will be really competitive. Can’t wait!