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    I think this statement in the Stuff site article by Taurua indicates her game plan and thinking ahead of the Jamaica-NZ semifinal. She had the advantage of knowing who the Ferns would end up playing against in the semis:

    “I think playing in the Cadbury Series against the men, NZ A and mixed actually sets us up nicely for this [against Jamaica],” Taurua said.” ReferrIng to the height of the Jamaicans being similar to the mens height.

    Anyway unless Jamaica come out flat I’m predicting a win to them against NZ. Rob Wright has clearly had an influence on their mental mindset. Usually they would have crumbled after losing a big lead. They didn’t against Australia. I also think Francis/Wright out coached Marinkovich. There didn’t seem to be enough subs in that game for Australia. I’m predicting a comfortable win to the diamonds against England.

    I didn’t like Taurua’s selections from the start. Gordon would have been a much better option than Souness at C and Gordon is better at WD than Johnson. Souness played like she wasn’t used to C in the Jamaica game. It was like when Watson was made to play C at NWC. Also I would have taken Ekenasio along even if she wasn’t making the fitness standards. Or alternatively I would have not taken Mes and Wilson and taken Metuarau and Dunn as an option to Nweke and THSPR.

    NWC isn’t the pinnacle event. It’s level with comm games. It’s all the same teams. Just hope we don’t get any statements like ‘ we knew we wouldn’t win, we were just practicing for the NWC…’
    Anyway bring on the games tonight! I stand by my prediction Australia, Jamaica, England, NZ?

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