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Reply To: 2022 COMMONWEALTH GAMES FINALS – Day 10 (Aug 7)2022-08-07T22:57:56+10:00
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    Nothing in it between the teams atm but both sides seem a bit deflated/tired (which they probably are!) and lacking the usual zip/hustle we’re used to seeing from both sides. Not sure if they are just cancelling each other out or everyone is just exhausted.

    Nweke doing much better against Mentor today, England still struggling to create midcourt attacking opportunities like Vs Aus yesterday. Cardwell has been good as expected, Jury is doing well against her with a great rejection and long arms but it’s not phasing her accuracy.

    Would be good to see SDL and Allison get more of a run out today at some point to close off their campaign and inject a bit more energy onto court. Heffernan getting quite a few great interceptions.

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