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    Just watched some interviews on Sky with the Ferns.

    Taurua said the start was crucial, and defensively especially they muscled up so even though they didn’t win a lot of ball off the Roses, it wasn’t an undisrupted passage to goal.

    When pressed about individual players obviously nodded to Nweke – “she took mammoth ball.. previously playing Geva she had been minced up.” A way with words for sure. Also said Heffernan was a star with her turnover ball.

    Interestingly when pressed if many of this squad would feature at next year’s NWC, Taurua said it was a good base, but she was going home to review the “new breed of talent” (or words to that effect) and would use the Taino Jamison Series and Constellation Cup to test players.

    Gina Crampton was a picture of relief. Again reiterated this game was the Ferns best start of the tournament and starting well has been a key message of Taurua’s for “the last couple years”. Was happy her side “finally played to their potential” and couldn’t agree more with that statement.

    Last interviewee was an animated TPSR. I must’ve missed it, but Purvis said to TP that Crampton said she’d finally “pulled finger” which I thought was funny. Acknowledged she played very much a third feeder role but with Nweke under the hoop it did give her confidence when she went to the post. A big boost for her mate, she said Nweke wanted to make a statement that she should be the team’s starting GS after not getting the start against Jamaica. A happy TPSR who said she wasn’t quite over the Gold Coast trauma but would celebrate the “rose gold.”

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