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    I’ve never felt so deflated after netball before! Well done to the Diamonds and Sunshine Girls. Brilliant that Jamaica made it to the final. We all knew they had it in them!

    As for England, well what can I say. Such a disappointment at a home games. I feel like we have really gone backwards. Finishing 4th is obviously disappointing but I felt like we didn’t even get to see any new up and coming players gain any experience from this.

    The team that we had (minus a few players) won us a Commonwealth title in 2018. That was 4 years ago though and well, things haven’t really changed have they? A lot of the same team and not really a whole load of development!

    We didn’t bring another option at GK. Mentor is a force to be reckoned with but by the group games a lot of the players had really done their homework on her sadly. We had EUB as backup but she didn’t play a lot and would have surely have been a good option to change things up. Sadly, she has now retired so where now? Wouldn’t it have been good to bring along Alice Harvey?

    A lot of the players just looked flat. We didn’t bring a C that could actually run out a full game. The back up C appeared to be Laura Malcolm. I’m sorry to all her fans but a C she isn’t. Great at WD but far too hesitant and costly at Centre.

    Natalie Metcalf was absolutely flogged to death at WA. She was unfortunately marked out of a few games but our back up WA was actually a GA who wasn’t actually trusted to take to the court at WA. Surely this was always going to be an issue. I feel like we can say it until we are blue in the face but instead EN think that having 10 Wing Defences in the team is better than actually bringing through another option at WA!

    The shooters seemed okay but clearly Jo Harten was not. Taking a shooter on managed time is surely not such a good idea. Keeping her on in a semi when she is clearly struggling was madness. Instead, taking off a GA and then putting on another GS to play GA instead was borderline crazy. I’m pretty sure there was another GA on the bench….

    I really struggled with a lot of the coaching decisions. Not a lot of changes when it is clear to even Stevie Wonder that things weren’t firing….

    Didn’t have a Plan B – or apparently a Plan A as the England Coach said she didn’t even know the starting 7.

    I just feel like this was such a good opportunity but in reality we have actually gone backwards.

    These are just my opinions though and it is probably all still a little bit raw!

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