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    I seem to recall seeing Malcolm was recruited as a WA for the Tactix, @mcleod. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Poi spend some time there.

    I wonder if Taurua’s selections and Ferns position play will filter down to the ANZP teams:

    – Gordon and Souness – think the expectation was Maddy would start at C and Whitney at WA but I think these two can definitely switch. Souness may want to continue developing her C game and Gordon’s was electric at WA for the Pulse in 2020.
    – Wilson – might see more of her switching with Hume, even for a change-up for the Stars.
    – Heffernan – keep her at C with Winders at WD. Still fresh in learning the ropes at C and think staying there for the Steel will only enhance her game at WD for the Ferns.
    – Poi – would like to see her at WA. Think she is getting a bit stale at C for Tactix. I actually think Poi needs a change of team.
    – Mes – I reckon we’ll see her exclusively play at GS with Ekenasio in front of her. Eke was played at GS when Taurua first became Ferns coach and I seem to recall the commentary being Eke got stuck behind her GK. Will allow Bailey to really build on her Magic season this year with a full season being serviced by a fit Eke.
    – Dunn and TPSR – Dunn has said she’s keen to learn GA and I think job sharing the positions will keep things fresh for this Tactix duo.

    Note a few Ferns players are travelling in Europe – Crampton, TPSR, Hef and Nweke. Wonder if we’ll see a lot of the CWG team unavailable as Taurua trials options in the TJ Series before consolidating for Constellation Cup and 2023 Jan Quad Series.

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