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    What a game by the ferns. Really asserted themselves across the whole court. Good to see Eke back and in form. Karaka too. Heffernan took Watson out of the game and Toeva had it on a string for 50 minutes.

    Diamonds hopefully learn a lot from this. I just don’t think the Koenan/Wood combo is it for us. They’ve played together for years now and I just don’t think it’s ever going to be enough at an international level. Time to start Garbin or Wallam and see what can happen. Austin was good. Watson was quiet and Maloney just doesn’t cut it at international level as a C either.
    Price whom I don’t normally rate was great for Australia and had good vision in the circle.

    I just don’t see Taurua ever being out coached so I think NZ fans should be very excited for what’s to come for the ferns. Jury is still out on SM.

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