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    Totally agree @mcleod, can see the difference from her calming influence, love her interviews too.

    Love Jurys lean over, you’d be surprised how many shooters a lean puts off, much more than a jump. Shooters know basically a lot of defenders jump the ball before 3 seconds is up, but a lean makes it much clearer how long they’re holding the ball for. Loved that one of Jury’s when she stretched with her right and then came up higher and over with her left to get Austin.

    I think with NZ the next target they need to look at is a GA thatll need to fill Meels shoes when she decides to retire. Not too sure where thay will come from yet. Because the rest of the team are quite young and can keep moving through together.

    Sunday can’t come quick enough for to see how Aussie can respond and if NZ can deliver again.

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