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    I am starting to lose faith in DNT.
    Claire Kersten is a very solid player, but I really don’t get her selection.

    IMO DNT is starting to make a “habit” of selecting or choosing wrong players and combinations.

    CWGs semi, not starting Jury or Nweke. Your two strongest players 🤷‍♂️

    The recent CC. Toeava was a massive surprise. I understood the teams were already announced, so no changes were going to happen unless there was an injury. But I was really disappointed that Poi (a natural C) and Souness (WA specialist), was not ran in their strongest positions.

    I get that everything they’re doing atm is all for WC, and I believe they’ll be doing all they can for gold. But I feel like DNT is not really being held accountable for some of her poor coaching selections in all these other games. In the post game interviews, they are so soft on her. If it’s the ALL BLACKS – they are calling for sackings!

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