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    McDonald had a great debut. Nothing flashy or spectacular but a steady influence in the middle. I also liked the difference in having an attacking C rather than defensive, the Eng attach gelled a little more. The battle will be between her and Pitman, there’s no room for 2 specialist WA’s.

    Tchine was awesome today, and this was one of Housby’s better performances. Thirlby said that she goes missing at times and I agree. She didn’t today though. I’d like to see more of that combination in the Quad Series to know if Tchine should go to the WC.

    I didn’t miss Malcolm if I’m honest. There are better WD’s than her, better C’s and better WA’s. When she came on in the 2nd match, I didn’t notice her at all.

    I liked the change bringing Nelson on for Fowler. It was nice to see something a little different but Fowler was steady as always. I do think that Nelson brought Beckford into the game when she was on.

    As much as I admire Connie Francis’ coaching brain, it was a mistake leaving Plummer on after getting a warning.

    I think that with a full-strength team, Jamaica would’ve won the series, but they played incredibly well with the players they had (apart from the 2nd half of that first match) and turned over a lot of ball.

    It’s far away, but out of the top 4, I see Eng not medalling at the WC. I think Aus, NZ, Jam will take some beating but we’ll have to wait and see.

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