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Andrew Kennedy
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    It’s half time, and I saw about a total of 9-10 mins out of 30. NZ lead 7-2 to SA so for them to be only 30-25 now means they’re goal for goal for 23 goals.

    I noticed a couple of things in the extremely limited viewing window, apart from wishing I was in bed at 1.30am.

    Both South African shooters focus massively on their split.
    Ekenasio has a very quick release to Nweke, and Maweni isn’t dictating the NZ GS positioning.
    The SA team are doing quite well on rebounds, they’re quick and tenacious. Is it that the NZ players are focused on using their arms and body to hold SA, rather than actually going for the ball? Not enough evidence yet. I would’ve thought Jury and Karaka would outdo SA but NZ defenders have no rebounds.
    Pretorius is so helpful in bringing the ball through.
    Chawne (SA centre) has the most turnovers with four, which is costly. Without that they may well be ahead.
    Tajlaard (SA GA) is shooting basically equal volume with Potgieter, she’s so fast and decisive, much more so than the GAs we have tended to see from SA.

    Clearly a winnable game for SA as long as they play their own game and the Kiwis don’t adapt and smother them defensively (although that’s what I think will happen, we will see a complete NZ defensive line change and they’ll wreak havoc).

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