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Andrew Kennedy
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    First quarter. SA started to choose shocking passes to shooters in the first 5 mins, but it actually was only two times, and they caught up because England started to make some poor decisions of their own. Most players were making errors on the feed, but it felt like SA was getting momentum into the break. There were similar problems from both teams, eg choosing a pass to the pocket that the feeder had no hope of getting. Sure, the defenders did their jobs but it was the failing of the attack structure to not reoffer or look for the second option.

    Not all that impressed by the commentators eg “this is a great zone defence from England” through the midcourt. No, it wasn’t, their back players came too far forward and made it utterly simple to get through. (NB in the quarter break, Norma Plummer was specifically addressing this, how to beat a zone).

    What Potgieter did well was to just hold her feet, no matter where she was. Fadoju had a lot less influence than we expect. Pretorius was the best for SA, such amazing experience assisting in attack, although not getting much clean possession.

    Housby was good in patches, England probably got a huge spray from Thirlby at the break.

    And just when SA were ahead 13-11, another clearing lead and a pass right to it that was a poor choice, with no player punching through the middle.

    Doubting the veracity of the stats here, because allegedly Eng had 2 turnovers and SA had 3. Let’s go with what we’re given, I suppose.

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