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Andrew Kennedy
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    Quarter three. If you’ve never seen the very young GS Olivia Tchine for England, she’s in passing like Nweke, in that she’s tall and young and African, but she has the longest hugest set of braids you’ve ever seen. Also, she doesn’t jump all that much – her height does matter, but she actually gets involved in the play and moves with variety. Accuracy 9/12 so far today is passable.Note – Drakeford-Lewis has played the whole game at GA so far with 10/10, although not going to post as much this quarter with only 1/1.

    Potgieter’s feet, don’t know why she isn’t called for stepping a lot on those splits.

    The English defenders Mentor and Fadoju are much more energised and moving their feet a lot better in third quarter. It’s impressive, but not any more effective yet. New SA WD Monique Reyneke has given a spark and doggedness in both attack and defence, so the home side are ahead 30-27.

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