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Andrew Kennedy
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    For the moment, Wood and Koenen seem unflappable, and Bruce and Klau are switching so beautifully. There have been a few easy goals for both teams. You start to wonder, if it’s important to win every game, will Taurua make changes? It’s 55-50 to Aus.

    So yes now Burger is at GD and Jury is off. The one change we haven’t seen yesterday or today is a different GS for NZ, and they need to make a contingency for that, but Wilson (at GA currently) has played against Aus and England so it’s more about Nweke building.

    As good as Liz Watson has been, I’d give MVP to Steph Wood at this point. We have 4 mins to go, and it’s 57-53.

    I’m just not convinced that the NZ feeders have that understanding needed to feed Nweke, even Toeava. They have picked the wrong time, the wrong spot, and the wrong weighting of too many passes. Similarly, Nweke has to evolve and learn her positioning against those Aussies.

    The Kiwi defenders need to learn a lot more about Koenen, she gets through too easily, and imagine the changeup if Wood isn’t working, Austin is totally different. And even Bueta if she comes back?

    Bruce is giving it everything, that classic of deliberately breaking the rules and then not happy when the shooter does the same. Every player is testing the umpires and what they can see, what you can get away with.

    With a scramble at the end, Australia win 59-57, an amazingly tough game with a lot of unpredictable swings from the NZ positional changes.

    Time for bed! ZZZZzzzz….

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