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    I’m going to offer a different view on things. I think it’s the defence that’s letting Magic down. The attackers need to be able to play with flair and pace, and know that if they make a mistake it’s ok because their defence will turn it back for them. This wasn’t the case, so then Magic attack played more and more conservatively, which made things worse.

    While I don’t think Kersten or Elley played great, Mikaere was the weakest link tonight as Wilson was always available. If Takarangi was with Malesala it went into Wilson easily, but if Takarangi dropped back to Wilson, Malesala was able to do what she wanted. Magic’s centre pass defence isn’t strong enough, so Crampton could get first phase easily, and then find a simple outlet pass after that.

    Tighten up the Cpass defence, have the GK take care of Wilson and then everyone else can do their own job.

    Kersten @ C needs to be paired with a really dynamic WA, as she’s not a player who is on and off the circle edge re-offering. Wilbore is the best option they have, so they need to throw all their faith behind her. Edgecombe made a number of basic errors (namely dropped balls) and so unfortunately I don’t think she’s a viable option there going forward.

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