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    Unfortunately I don’t think they have a choice but to bring in Walmsley- our shooters rn are not up to scratch. Eke has lost her spark, and really needed Grace in there. Tiana has a great partnership with Walmsley at the pulse. She’s well supported if she has TP and Eke too. Maia, although I thought she had a decent tournament, there’s just something not quite really when she’s playing and we are suffering trying to make it work. ALL TEAMS had GA’s willing to shoot from range. Eke needs to work on that if she wants to remain Captain.

    Enter Stythe and Beatson. With Crampton gone, Toeava is a guarantee, I’d really like to see Earle get a chance, but the next off the blocks is Mila.

    Heffernan looked tired. I’d rest her.

    IF Noel’s stays on, then there’s no way Walmsley will be picked. I’m still bagging on Fisher to switch, especially when she’ll be behind Cardwell, Tchine, and Housby. She basically gets a starting position should she become a Fern.

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